Mercaz’s Hachnosas Sefer Torah draws community together in an unprecedented display of achdus and kovod haTorah

Sunday, May 1st is a day that the Ranchleigh neighborhood and the Greater Baltimore Jewish community will long remember as an occasion of unprecedented kovod Hatorah and communal achdus.

Hundreds of men, women and children bedecked in their Shabbos best, chassidishe rebbeim in full regalia, and prominent communal rabbonim and dignitaries crowded the streets. Together, they danced their way in an hour-long procession to accompany a newly-completed sefer Torah from the Weinreb residence to its permanent home at Mercaz Torah U’Tefillah. Mothers wheeled baby carriages and fathers carried children, waving flags atop their shoulders, while older boys illuminated the procession with flaming torches.

The spirited singing and dancing was led by live musical accompaniment along with the renowned Brodt family ensemble from Brooklyn, preforming from atop a spectacular Sefer Torah dedication float.

The inauguration ceremony at the shul was followed by a gala catered seudah in a beautifully decorated tent to accommodate the crowd of several hundred guests. Gracing the prestigious dais were the full spectrum of Baltimore’s foremost rabbonim, manhigim and marbitzei Torah.

Among those who addressing the crowd were Harav Moshe Heinemann and the Zidichover Rebbe of Chicago, as well as Mr. Aaron Friedman, a founding member and gabbai of the kehilla and Mr. Aryeh Gross, Building Chairmen of Mercaz’s new shul. At the end of the festive meal, the crowd rose and once again broke out in spontaneous singing and dancing, as if trying to capture the uplifting aura of the day for eternity.

Many in the community described the outpouring of joy and emotion brought forth by this beautiful function as a catalyst for furthering their spiritual connection and highlighting the perpetual bond that unites Klal Yisroel with the Torah.